It is in the detail that success lies.

What is Büxel Training and Consulting?
We are an international network of experienced trainers and consultants.

What does Büxel Training and Consulting do?
Training and advice in the fields of organisation and personnel development.
Our special focus: the application of customer orientated service in sales.
We work on the spot with your company – well-grounded in theory and tried and tested in practice!

What can Büxel Training and Consulting provide for your company?
Market Analysis: We provide you with a clear overview of your position in the market.
Concepts and individual plans: We draw up a long-term target for your firm and a strategy for its implementation.
Training and advice for entrepreneurs, management and employees: BTC discovers and develops your slumbering human resources.
Quality control: BTC ensures constant further development, because even after training we care about the implementation of customer orientated service in your firm.